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 Welcome to Year 6!

 The Year 6 teachers are:

Miss Bish & Mrs Kane - Class 19

Miss Tadghighi - Class 20

Mr Tookey - Class 21


Autumn Term 2019

We have an exciting, yet busy, year ahead of us and the children are fully immersed into our final year of junior school already! Here is what we have planned for this Autumn term:


During our guided reading sessions, we encourage children to predict, clarify, question and summarise as they explore a range of text types.

We encourage every child to read at home at every day and preferably out loud to an adult to assist with building vocabulary and confidence. Your child should be coming home each night with a book that has been especially chosen for their current reading ability. On completion of the books, they will then answer a short multiple-choice quiz about the book. Upon passing the test, your child will be given points which go towards a termly target. If your child achieves their target they will win a personal prize from Mrs Riddell as well as helping the class win a non-school uniform day at the end of term! 

Alongside our reading, we will be using our English Talk 4 Writing (T4W) to further build the pupils range of writing skills. Over the term, we will focus on NCR, a narrative journey story and a defeating the monster text. We are confident that the pupils love of reading and excellent figurative language will filter into their writing.

Within our other core subject, we will be focusing on developing further their already great maths knowledge. To support this, it is crucial that all children know their times tables well and can recall and apply them at speed. This really helps to boost confidence in all areas of maths. Throughout the year, we will be focusing on rapid recall of times table facts, including the inverse and how multiples of 10/100/1000 can affect the answer.

This term already the children have been fully immursed into our History unit of ‘Crime and Punishment’. The children have been delving into periods of history to uncover what gruesome punishments were administered to criminals. More recently, the children have studied one particular criminal: Dick Turpin. Learning about life as a highway man, the children have enjoyed polishing up their detective skills and analysing what made Dick Turpin one of Britain’s most ruthless criminals.

On top of this, the children will also start a weekly 'philosophy for children' session where they will learn to formulate their own questions based on popular story books and current topics. PSHE sessions will continue to promote anti-bullying, friendship and management of emotions.

We are fortunate in Year 6 that we complete a range of different sports. Through class teaching and extra-curricular activities the pupils have an opportunity to participate in an exciting array of sports: football, gymnastics, netball, real PE and many more.

Year 6 is an important year as we are ensuring that the pupils are ready for secondary school. This includes completing the SATs tests. To help the children through this we complete a range of mock tests. These will take place during the weeks commencing 14th October 2019, 20th January 2020, 9th March 2020 & 27th April 2020. SATs week is the week commencing 11th May 2020.


Useful Homework links:

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