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The '4 Ds' Our Vision and Ethos

Dream, Drive, Duty, Dazzle underpins everything we do at Rowanfield Junior School. Through this vision we aim to nurture values, skills and attitudes that enable children and adults to develop and respond positively to all opportunities and challenges.

Dream: goals and aspirations

Drive: determination

Duty: what you have to do, your responsibility

Dazzle: success, the 'feel good factor'

British Values: click here to find out how our '4 Ds' link to these core values.

Children who demonstrate aspects of the '4 Ds' ethos are praised and rewarded in a variety of ways. The behaviour charts are in all classrooms and are used to support positive behaviour & attitudes to learning. Any child demonstrating this will be rewarded by moving up the chart. Children reaching ‘silver’ are awarded house points while children reaching ‘gold’ are awarded house points and are then considered for the Effort, Drive or Duty Cup given in the weekly dazzle assembly. Children reaching gold also receive a text home to parents and earn points towards a 'Golden Ticket' award.

 All adults have a role in the promotion and management of rewards including individual, group or class rewards. Each class has an agreed reward system ranging from verbal and non-verbal praise, stickers, stamps, to certificates and house points. Golden Time is earned by each class and rewards are negotiated which are relevant and reflect the interests of each class. Midday Supervisors support dazzling behaviour through use of stickers and raffle tickets to individual children for positive behaviour and play observed in the playground.

Quality First Teaching underpins an exceptional education for the children, driven by the shared vision of the multi-academy trust of:

"Working together in a local partnership to achieve outstanding outcomes for all”