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Reducing the Barriers to Learning

Our Ofsted inspection in 2014 stated that:

'The school works very effectively to support all groups of pupils, including those with
behavioural and emotional problems. The school works very well with parents of pupils with
behaviour difficulties.'

At Rowanfield we passionately believe that all of our children should be able to reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances, race, gender or ability. We are fully inclusive school, our hard working team of staff supporting all children to reduce barriers to learning.

 Our Behaviour and Emotional Support Training (BEST) team provide additional nurturing, coaching and mentoring support as well as a number of personalised programmes to help some of our more vulnerable children unpick 'blocks' to their learning. They are also available for any child who simply needs someone to talk to.

We also carefully plan support and interventions for all groups of children, including our more able and pupils with specific educational needs.


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Healthy Minds and Protecting our Children:

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