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British Values: well-being, respect, tolerance and the rules for living healthy lives

At Rowanfield Junior School we want our pupils to be successful, confident learners and responsible citizens. We recognise the importance of both the academic and personal development, and well-being of every child in our school.

Our safeguarding practices and policies ensure that we recognise the signs of all kinds of abuse, including exploitation, grooming and radicalisation. We are also mindful of the Prevent Strategy and the role that the school plays in ensuring that spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is focused on tolerance for others with respect for the rule of law as core values. The DfE have reinforced the need ‘to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance with those with different faiths and beliefs.’ The Prevent strategy provides further guidance on how schools can ensure that children know right from wrong, mix and share with other children and value others’ views.

At our schools these values are reinforced in a variety of ways, underpinned by the '4 Ds' vision. Duty is a key element which we use to model and articulate British values, linked to our robust PSHCE curriculum (Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education) which has been developed in relation to our own context, in response to the needs of the community (local needs analysis), OFSTED findings of PSHCE teaching in England (PSHE report 2013) and the most up to date guidance on safeguarding children. We also want children to know the differences between themselves and others, challenging negative attitudes and stereotypes. Positive learning attitudes and growth mind-set are developed through an ‘attitudes’ curriculum and through our own UNITED learning curriculum. Our wider broad and balanced curriculum promotes this development across all subjects.

Staff and volunteers are trained on and regularly review safeguarding practice which is outliined in our safeguarding handbook. All policies can be found via the All About Us tab.

To find out the latest advice from the government on how we can all help to protect our children from extremism, click below:

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