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Year 4


 Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 teachers are:

Miss Kempster - Class 13

Miss Cope - Class 14

Miss Calveley - Class 15


Mrs Webb, Miss Townsend, Miss Fry and Mrs Amlani will also be supporting the children’s learning as our Year 4 Teaching Assistants. Mr Aldred and Mrs Almond will cover Planning, Preparation and Assessment time (PPA). I am sure you will soon recognise/get to know us all.


Autumn term in year 4 is an exciting time! The children are now well established Key Stage Two-ers and have an exciting year ahead of them!


3D Curriculum-


Our exciting and engaging 3D-curriculum is based on the core values of Responsibility, Respect and Fairness. We will be using looking at the Anglo-Saxons and considering the following key questions- Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

When did the Anglo-Saxons first come to Britain?

Why did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain?

What was a day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon like?


We will then be applying our knowledge to find out how the legal system worked in Anglo-Saxon Britain and how it differs to our legal systems today. Eventually, we will be using P4C (philosophy for children) sessions to discuss and evaluate the fairness of law and order in both eras and which we agree with most.



Gather and organise ideas (I)

Produce a finished outcome which I am proud to present (D)

Evaluate my own and others work (E)


Physical Education (P.E) and Games


P.E and Games will be taught twice weekly. All children will need a suitable indoor and outdoor kit. The whole school also takes part daily in a Mile Run or Wake & Shake. It is vital they have the correct, labelled kit in school at all times.


All classes will also have the opportunity to experience our ‘Forest School’. For these sessions, they will need old clothes, a waterproof coat (that you don’t mind getting muddy) and a pair of wellingtons. We will send out further correspondence when it is applicable to your child.


We will also be swimming later in the year. Again we will send out more information closer to the time.




Spelling and Maths


A Spelling letter was sent home at the start of the term which has all your child’s Common Exception Words and also their curriculum spellings to practise and learn at home. It is the expectation that children practise their Times Tables throughout the year in preparation for the Online Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) later in the year. Weekly Maths homework will also be set, this links to the learning that we have been doing in class. All homework will be handed out on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday.




School challenges the children to read for 15 minutes every day and are asked to bring reading books to school every day. Your child will have two reading books. One is their Bug Club book, this is based on your child’s book band. Their other book is their Accelerated Reader book, this is also pitched at the right level for your child, however this is a book they have chosen for their own pleasure. Not only is it important to read daily to improve your child’s fluency but please question your child about what they have read to develop their comprehension. There are examples of questions to use on your child’s reading record.


Please support your child in completing homework on time and to the best of their ability.


What have we been learning about? What will we be learning about?


Subject Term 1 Term 2

  • English Journey Tale Non-Chronological Report Defeating the Monster Text Non-fiction Text
  • Maths Place Value Rapid Recall Four Operations Formal Written Methods Four Operations Fractions Decimals and Percentages
  • Science Electricity Sound
  • 3D Curriculum Anglo-Saxon Settlement Law and Order Anglo-Saxon and Modern Britain
  • Music Mamma Mia!
  • R.E. Christianity
  • P.E. Real P.E./Basketball Gym/Football
  • PSHCE Relationships – Friends and Family Health and Wellbeing Living in the wider world – Media influence Living in the wider world – Internet safety