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Life at Rowanfield Junior School Life at Rowanfield Junior School Life at Rowanfield Junior School Life at Rowanfield Junior School Life at Rowanfield Junior School Life at Rowanfield Junior School Life at Rowanfield Junior School Life at Rowanfield Junior School

Local Schools

We work hard to ensure that there is a smooth transition from year 2 to junior school. We work very closely with our feeder school, Rowanfield Infant School as well as other schools in the area. In July we have an open day for parents to join us for a tour of the school and children also enjoy  a 'taster' day.

Sharing expertise develops consistency amongst schools. We therefore work as closely as we can, including staff training and moderation meetings.

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Primary School Collaboration  

Links with our local schools bring many advantages for our children. Moderation meetings enable us to quality assure assessment judgements and share good practice. Local headteachers regularly meet to develop initiatives and explore ways to develop partnership work. This year, we have worked with schools on various projects including Dreamscheme and The Rock (aimed at older primary school children to develop spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing). We are currently working with a cluster of schools on a science and geography project to launch a balloon to travel to edge of space!

With many disadvantaged children in the area, links are particualry important for enrichment but also to find ways to overcome barriers to learning. On the rare occasions that a child is at risk of exclusion, schools can work together to share expertise or even agree to educate a child through a carefully managed move in order to provide a fresh start.

Secondary School Collaboartion

Our aim is to ensure that all children are fully equipped and ready for secondary school. Secondary transfer information is provided for parents, and Year 6 children get a chance to meet new teachers at our school and spend a day at their secondary school in July. Transition is very carefully planned for more vulnerable children and those with a statement for special education needs.

We were thrilled to have teachers and pupils from local secondary schools at our Aspiration Day.

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Specialist Provision

Our school works with a number of specialist organisations, including the Social Services, Monkscroft Pastoral Support, School Nursing, education psychologists and a whole range of other agencies. Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator regularly works with these agencies to carefully assess the personal needs of individuals and families. On occasions when it is recommended that a child requires specialist education outside of a mainstream school, we work sensitively with families and other schools to find the most suitable provision. 

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